Home Tutor Program

The 6-2-8 Home Tutor is designed for parents to home-school their children, zooming in on pre-school levels to Grade 7 in English, Math and Science. The program offers practical research based strategies to make a positive learning experience. The program aims to stimulate and encourage independant learning at home. It includes stickers and activities, clear explanations and helpful hints and tips. This program is designed to let your child lead themselves on the greatest achievement path of their lives, to attain their potential in the way that nature intended, to travel at their own pace and feel comfortable in their own home, where they have no distractions and can absorb everything with positive reinforcement, with very low cost layout.

The program centres on 3 units: English: grammar and comprehension, history, geography and general knowledge, Math: formal, informal, functional and higher distinction, Science: our world around us, solar system, animal and plant life, growth and reproduction. All information supplied at start of program. The alternative option is to do the program on location, one hour, once a week, and obtain expert tuition on a one to one basis with a tutor, this option involves a higher cost layout, but the results are superb.