What Our Clients Have To Say About Us


“As an educationalist myself, I was very impressed with Toptots educational structure. I was first attracted to Toptots because my son Lachlan missed out on going to school by 12 days. Toptots caters to the needs of these children. Lachlan has matured both personally and knowledge-wise because of the educational principles used by the expert teachers at Toptots. Thank you.”
– A / Professor Selma Alliex

“Toptots has been a great exposure for both my children as well as myself. Bernice has made our stay here wonderful. Both my boys are doing very well at Toptots. Thanks Bernice. ”
– Ranitha Ravichandar

“My first child Lachlan, started with the Toptots program at 9 months of age. By age 3 years he was reading and writing and was able to work out mathematical sums without any help. My second child Rebecca, was brought into the program at 11 months of age and she also achieved excellent results. Both my children are now in primary school and are attaining their potential effortlessly. Thanks to Toptots for helping us get there. ”
– Sara Walling

“I found that not only did the Toptots program help my children academically, but socially they are now more mature and instead of whining in order to obtain attention, they are able to confidently work things out for themselves and help each other to solve the problem between them. ”
– Janelle Greene

“I started home schooling, the Toptots way, in 1999 and to date I still use the program and I find it covers all my needs and have recommended it to all my friends and family members and have told them what a success it has been for me. ”
– Denise Malcolm